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Northamptonshire Junior County Championships 2018

The above championships will be held at AMF Wellingborough on Saturday 30th June 2018.  Registration is at 08.30 for a 9 oclock start. Everyone who is a member of Northamptonshire Association (which all Wellingborough Ybc members are) is eligible to take part in this competition.


Northamptonshire Junior County Championships 1st July 2017

The above championships took place at AMF Wellingborough on Saturday 1st July 2017.
There were 38 bowlers competing.  The results were as follows:

Under 12 girls Champion              Jessica Sillis
Runner up                                       Eva Reynolds

Under 12 Boys champion              Ciaran Chatburn
Runner up                                       Allesio Kightley

Under 14 girls Champion              Phoebe Midlebrook
Runner up                                       Lisa Clarke

Under 14 Boys Champion             Jack Barker
Runner up                                      Jai Allen

Under 16 girls Champion              Shannon Taylor
Runner up                                       Lucy Clarke

Under 16 boys Champion             Harry Meyers
Runner up                                      Aiden Lowrie

Under 18 girls Champion             Elyse Giddens
Runner up                                      Evie Giddens

There were no under 18 boys, or under 21 girls

Under 21 boys Champion             Michael Beck
Runner up                                      Sheridan Goodchild

Overall County Champion - girls  Elyse Giddens
Overall County Champion-boys   Harry Meyers

Thank you to everyone that helped on the day, particularly Dougie Page for selling £140 worth of raffle tickets.  This money has been banked in the County Account.



Under 18 Inter County Championships 2016

The under 18 Inter County Championships 2016 took place at Airport Bowl Heathrow on Saturday and Sunday 2nd/3rd July 2016.

Northamptonshire took both a boys and a girls team. The boys were Jai Allen, Jack Barwick, Dominic Bond and Harry Meyers.  The girls were Ellie Allen, Natalie Coleman, Elyse Giddens, Evie Giddens and Eva Reynolds.

The format consisted of 5 games on the Saturday and 3 on the Sunday, followed by the knockout rounds.

The boys bowled started off well, and fluctuated from 3rd place to 6th.  They had two games of over 700, and ended the day in 8th position.  On Sunday, Dominic Bond dropped a bowling ball bag on his foot, but despite a badly bruised foot rapidly turning black, he decided he couldn't let the team down and insisted on bowling.  Despite trying their very best, the boys couldn't pull it back, and ended the qualifiers in 11th position which meant they didn't go forward to the knockouts.  Considering the ages of the team (an 18 year old, a 15 yr old, a 12 yr old and an 11 yr old) they did really well.

The girls, again a very young side, 2 x 16 yr olds, 2  x 15 yr olds, and a 10 yr old, bowled consistently well and finished in 3rd place after the first 5 games.  On the Sunday, with great team spirit, they again bowled really well, maintaining their 3rd place, and were through to the knockouts.  

They were against Essex for the 1st round of the knockouts which proved to be a very close game indeed and could have gone either way right up to the wire.  As it was, Essex won by 21 pins.  It was great to watch them and they all seemed to enjoy themselves.  Well done girls! 

Special mention must go to Eva Reynolds, who at the age of 10, coped very well with the pressure and bowled with great maturity attaining an average of 132.5.

Also, congratulation to Elyse Giddens who won a trophy for the highest girls average of 186.5 over the first 8 games.

Thank you for the help and support from the parents and officials over the weekend.  Northamptonshire could not do these competitions without your backing.

Trish York

rd April 2016
 - Northants Under 15 Boys do us proud.

Today, Jai Allen, Harry Bardell, Jack Barwick, Cory Dudfield,, and Harry Myers teamed up as the Northants Under 15 Boys team. Together they put up a magnificent performance. For the first 5 games only pin fall counted and the boys played brilliantly. The first game was a bit slow off the mark but the boys put a creditable score of 560. The second game was a different story with a team score of 758 and a personal best from Jai Allen of 231. Game three saw another top performance with a score of 715 but tiredness began to show a little in game four with a score of 616. The final qualifying game saw a bit of a rally with a score of 657. The results of all this effort was an excellent 3rd position overall of the qualifying round with an accumulated pin fall of 3306.


The boys then went forward to the knockout rounds. This meant that accumulative pin fall didn’t help. It was a winner takes all scenario and the boys drew Sussex as their opponents. Both teams “fought” valiantly and the match was extremely close. Neither sets of supporters could predict who would win. At first Sussex took a small lead in the first three frames but the boys fought back and had moved slightly ahead by the 7th frame. Unfortunately, Sussex rallied in the 8th and 9th, finally sealing our fate with a narrow win in the 10th. The boys played really well but today was not to be our day with a final game score of 600, 31 pins behind Sussex, and we were out. WELL DONE LADS.

Andy Harris

Junior Inter County Unders 15s – Northants Girls


Sunday 3rd April 2016 saw five young ladies – Ellie Allen,  Charlotte Barwick, Eva Reynolds, Jessica Sillis and Charlotte Wilcock - on their way to Airport Bowl at Heathrow, London to play in the Junior Under 15 Inter County Championships.  This was a very young team with three of them only 10 years of age, as unfortunately two of the original team, Natalie Coleman and Ellie Dudfield had to pull out due to injury.


The format was a 4 man team with low person drop after each game.  The girls bowled steadily throughout the five games and put up a fantastic showing on a very difficult pattern against teams a lot older and more experienced than them. 


Although they all took it in their stride and bowled their very best, we  must give a special mention to 10 year old Eva Reynolds who was brought in at the last minute to bowl in her first major tournament.  She bowled a first game of 151 and achieved an overall average of 132.  Also Charlotte Barwick, another 10 year old, with scores of 142 and 151 and an average of 135.


Well done girls, Northants are proud of you all.

John York




We must thank Andy Harris and John York for looking after the teams on the day, and also the parents who took their children to Heathrow and supported not only them, but Andy and John as well.

We also thank Mark Barwick for designing and printing the shirts.  The teams were thrilled with their shirts, and we really appreciate them paying for them and thereby supporting our precious County funds.

Thank you to everyone involved 


Northamptonshire County Championships – 19th September 2015

The Northamptonshire County Championships 2015 took place at AMF Wellingborough on Saturday 19th September 2015.

42 bowlers from Kettering and Wellingborough YBC’s took part. The format was 6 games of singles bowling to determine the 6 championship titles available – Under 12, U14, U16 and U18, and overall boys and girls County Champions.

Thank you to Kelly and her team at AMF Wellingborough for all their help, and presenting the trophies, to Michael Barwick for taking the photos, to Jan Goodchild for supplying the raffle tickets,to Louise McCaughey, Catherine Sillis, and Sue Jones for selling raffle tickets, to everyone who gave raffle prizes, (the raffle made £125), to all the parents that supported us and offered help, to the officials from both YBC’s for giving up their free time to enable this tournament to take place, and to Alan and Catherine Wills, John and Trish York, Darren Cochran and Andy Harris, for doing the Admin.

We have to thank Judy Barwick who took the time and trouble to make cakes, but unfortunately became ill overnight and had to discard all the cakes for health and safety reasons. Not only do we feel for you Judy, but also for all the people who were looking forward to yours (and Emma’s) amazing cakes!

The Winners are as follows:

Eva Reynolds took the Under 12 title for the girls, averaging 119, with Jessica Sillis as runner-up.

Jack Barwick was Under 12s boys champion with an average of 148, and Jai Allen was runner-up.

Under 14 girls was an extremely close match with both Shannon Taylor and Natalie Coleman finishing on 897 pins, and 150 average! The title was subsequently decided on the final game score, and Shannon took the title by 8 pins.

The Under 14 boys champion was Aidan Lowrie achieving a 116 average, and the runner up was Luca Kightley.

The Giddens sisters, Elyse and Evie had a battle for the Under 16 championship, with Elyse ahead at the end of 2 games. The lead changed hands again at the end of 4 games, but Elyse fought back and took the title with a 175 average.

Under 16 boys Champion was Rhys Bean, who had 4 games of over 200 and took the title with an excellent 207 average. Scott Moore was runner-up achieving his personal best score of 233 and a 593 series along the way.  

There were no Under 18 girls.

The boys Under 18 championship was again a close finish. Dom Bond and Stuart McCaughey both finished on an average of 189, with Dom taking it by 4 pins! Praise must go to Stuart who was battling a virus and was bowling against all advice. His determination does him great credit.

The overall Northamptonshire County Girls Champion - Elyse Giddens.

The overall Northamptonshire County Boys Champion - Rhys Bean.

Congratulations to you all.

Junior Inter Counties

The under 15’s Junior Inter Counties competition was held at Tolworth Bowl on Saturday 28th February 2015.

Northants took two teams consisting of 6 Boys (Jai Allen, Jack Barwick, Cory Dudfield, Aidan Lowrie, Harry Meyers and Matthew Wilcock) and 6 Girls (Ellie Allen, Georgia Cochran, Natalie Coleman, Ellie Dudfield, Elyse Giddens and Evie Giddens) who qualified at the Junior trials in November.

The Teams comprised of five bowlers each with low man drop after each game.

The Format for the day was 3 games in the morning and 3 games in the afternoon. Total pin fall deciding final positions.

The boys finished 11th. After a slow start from all bowlers, Jack Barwick (Aged 10) raised his game with a 214 and finished on an average of 172. The afternoon saw all bowlers raise their game and contributed to the team score and all seemed to enjoy the day.

On the other hand the girls team were split into two camps by remarks from a player who thought she should make the rules and select the team. It was a great pity; as I am sure if she had concentrated on her own game and not upset the other bowlers, a better result than fifth place could have been achieved.

However, many congratulations to Evie Giddens who won the highest tournament score for the girls of 257 and finished the day on an excellent 200 average.

I would like to thank Daren Cochran and Paul Meyers for helping on the lanes and for all the parents that attended and provided support for the bowlers.

John York
County Junior Team Manager


Sub Total 4 5 6 Sub Total Total Average
Natalie Coleman 122 99   221 123 152 136 411 632 126
Ellie Allen 132 133 120 385
137 124 261 646 129
Georgia Cochran 103
138 241 116 135
251 492 123
Elyse Giddens 162 129 171 462 142 147 147 436 898 150
Evie Giddens 166 213 178 557 257 193 193 643 1200 200
Ellie Dudfield
152 150 302 101
139 240 542 136

2242 4410  


1  Sub Total   4 Sub Total  Total  Average 
Harry Meyers 114 131 136 381 150 131 125 406 787 131
Cory Dudfield 144 116 123 383 137 153 167 457 840 140
Aidan Lowrie 96
125 221 110
120 230 451 113
Jai Allen 140 133 110 383
153 143 296 679 136
Jack Barwick 146 157 214 517 174 176 164 514 1031 172
Matthew Wilcock
91 121 92
213 304 101


2116 4092  

Northamptonshire Junior County Roll-Offs 2014

On Saturday 29th November 2014, 35 bowlers from Wellingborough and Kettering YBC's took part in the Junior County Roll-offs.  The results are below.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make it an enjoyable competition - particular mention must go to Dougie Page for doing a wonderful job selling raffle tickets. He sold £204 worth of tickets which is his best yet!  Many thanks to everyone who donated raffle prizes.  

We must also thank Judy and Emma Barwick for running a cake stall.  They baked and sold the most amazing cupcakes and made £80 for County funds.  They pay for all the ingredients out of their own pockets, and we are grateful for their contribution.

Thank you also to Catherine Wills and the rest of the admin team for taking care of the scoring and organising.

Thank you also to the Bowl for their help and co-operation.


Under 18 Junior Inter Counties Competition 2014

The 2014 Junior Inter Counties Under 18 competition was held at Tenpin Coventry on Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th July.

Northants took one team of 6 boys to this year’s event  - Ashley Hunter, Kyle Egbers, Scott Gilbert, Dylan Maciuk, Aaron Langley & Dom Bond.

Saturday’s format was three games on the long pattern to start and two further games after lunch on the short pattern, Sunday would consists of three games on the medium pattern followed by the top eight teams competing in the finals.

The boys started Saturday’s long pattern struggling with how short it actually played but after a quick rethink of balls and bowling lines they managed a very solid three games with Scott Gilbert encouraging and rallying the team until the last ball was bowled.

After lunch we had the short pattern to comprehend and to be honest I don’t think the boys were looking forward to playing this pattern after how short the long pattern played.

After the first ten minutes practice the team felt more confident with them all managing to match up with the lane condition, which seemed to suit them.

The team started and finished the three games very strongly with every player encouraging each other which was great to watch and exactly the way a five-man team should play.

Ashley Hunter was maybe, by his own admission, not quite firing with both barrels, but was very consistent and dependable as always with no sign of losing his composure or confidence, a real sign of a top bowler and someone who younger, or less experienced bowlers, should look up to.

Dylan and Scott produced solid games with consistent encouragement to others and really were the back bones of the team, I haven’t seen either of them bowl much before but would certainly commend them, not just on their bowling skills, but also on their fantastic attitudes.

Dom at times looked a little out of sorts struggling to get the look he desired but stuck with it superbly well with probably one of the nicest styles I have seen in a long time.

Well what can I say about Kyle other than I have never seen someone so nervous yet so excited to play for his county.  He really did wear the shirt with pride and bowled well.  I’m sure with a little more experience and confidence he will develop into the top bowler he so desperately wants to be.

Finally Aaron who I had only briefly seen bowl before, well all I can say is Mr Consistent and a Spare Demon.  Aaron probably played the best out of all the team on the short pattern, not by trying to do anything fancy with the ball, but by being super accurate and picking up all his spares.

The team finished fifth after the first days bowling, which was a superb achievement and would set us up nicely for Sunday.

Unfortunately, Sunday came and went in a flash with not quite the consistency that was shown on the Saturday, and after a few spares going by the wayside the team slipped out of the top eight to the bitter disappointment of the whole team, but even in defeat each and everyone of them showed great sportsmanship and should be very proud of what they achieved.


Mark Barwick.


Under 15 Junior Inter Counties 2014

The Junior Inter Counties under 15 competition was held at Tenpin Coventry on Saturday 1st March 2014.

It was a different format this year, with an under 15’s division being introduced for the first time.

Northants took two teams of 6 boys (Jai Allen, Tom Attfield, Jack Barwick, Cory Dudfield, Harry Meyers and Scott Moore), and 6 girls (Ellie Allen, Georgia Cochran, Natalie Coleman, Elyse Giddens, Evie Giddens and Zoe Naylor), made up from Kettering YBC and Wellingborough YBC, who qualified at the Junior Trials in November.

The format was 3 games in the morning, and 2 games after lunch.  The top 8 teams in each section after the 5 games played a knockout competition.

The boys finished 10th in their section with some good scores being recorded.  Jack Barwick had a 236 game and averaged 173 over 5 games, so very well done to him.

The girls finished 7th and qualified for the quarter finals and played the team who finished 2nd, which they won.  They went on to play Dorset in the semi finals, which unfortunately they lost by 1 pin!  They then had to play a decider for 3rd place against Lancashire, which they won.  Huge congratulations to them for coming 3rd.

Well done to Zoe Naylor who bowled a personal best score of 180.

Congratulations to both the boys and girls for an excellent showing and good behaviour.


To say it was a very long day for the girls (and me!) is an understatement.  We were at the Bowl at 09.00 hrs and left at 21.45 hrs. but everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


Many thanks to Mark Barwick for looking after the boys, and to all the parents who provided transport to Coventry and supported the bowlers. 


John York